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5 Tips on Finding the Perfect Family Dentist

Finding the perfect family dentist takes more than a stroll through the phone book. By spending a little time and effort upfront, you’ll find a great professional with whom you can develop a good working relationship. Here are some tips to make your search a little easier.

When first starting out finding a dentist, consider which section of town will best suit you. Do you want the office to be near your children’s school or your workplace? Maybe it would be more convenient if the office was nearer to your home. It will save you time, gas, energy and stress is you can find a great dentist without having to fight traffic across town.

Ask friends and family which dentist they would recommend and why. When you ask questions, be specific. Ask, “Is he or she generally on time with their appointments?” “What type of pain treatments does this dentist use?” “Are the hygienists gentle and thorough?” “What about emergencies? Is he willing to come in after hours?” “How does this dentist treat children?” By asking for specific information you gain a better understanding about whether this professional is going to meet the needs of your family.

A family dentist is someone who provides dental services to your entire family. These services can run the gamut from making toddlers comfortable on their first visit to providing dentures and bridges for the older members of your family. Services should also include whitening, veneers, root canals and extractions. Determine if sedation is provided or if there are other means of pain management.

Having one dentist that each family member can go to will make life much easier for everyone. This is especially helpful for children so they don’t have to keep changing professionals.

Prior to setting up your first appointment, you should visit the office and chat with the dentist. Determine if he is up-to-date on the latest technology in dentistry. Opt for someone who understands and verbalizes new treatment procedures.

What about the use of technology within the office? Do they provide an automated texting service to remind you of an upcoming appointment? Do they have a Facebook page where you can check to see what other patients are saying?

A dentist’s office doesn’t have to be huge, but you do want to feel comfortable. Windows, plenty of seating and a pleasant décor can help ease the stress of a dental appointment. You will want to check out the children’s play area. There should be more than just a few kids’ magazines lying around. Video games or movies are a great way to keep children occupied while a sibling is seeing the dentist. Electronic entertainment is a better option over germ-infested toys.

Finding the perfect dentist shouldn’t be terribly difficult. Doing your research upfront will save you time and money when an emergency strikes. You’ll have the peace of mind knowing that you have a dentist you can trust.

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