5 Fun Corporate Video Ideas for Businesses

Corporate videos are designed to reach different audiences so your business can communicate with clients, investors and workers alike. While they are there to entertain, inform and advertise, they often fall flat, and viewers lose interest fast. This can be discouraging because you invest a lot of money and time into producing them, and if they are not hitting the mark, then it is a wasted endeavour.

Fortunately, you can create compelling videos that engage and entertain simultaneously by making them more fun and exciting.

Not sure where to start? Here are some fun corporate video ideas to get you started.

Idea #1: Find the Right Balance

Fun videos entertain and bring levity to the content, making it light and easier to digest. However, this doesn’t mean they should always be filled with jokes and humour. The key is knowing how to balance this with your message in the corporate video production.

Too much messaging and detail often get stale and hard to comprehend, so any surprise or unexpected change of pace in the video content gives the audience a break from the information. They will also connect the humour and remember the information better as they associate it with something fun.

Remember, don’t do anything so outrageous that it can damage the brand’s image or dilute the content.

Idea #2: Use Real-Life Stories from Experiences at Work

Interesting things always happen in businesses, whether at an event, in the office or with a customer. A way to make your corporate videos more fun is to highlight a few of these experiences, with some employees recounting the events.

You can do it in an interview style with a few staff members answering questions and even recreate the humorous event in a dramatization. Showing some laughable moments on the job or a company story can be very entertaining if you are not making fun of someone.

Idea #3: Include Company Events

Most company cultures organize events to build teamwork and boost morale. These can be done in different ways:

  • Casual dress days
  • Group lunches brought in
  • Retreats
  • Office games
  • Picnics
  • Fundraisers

Try to film and include content during these events in your promotional videos. This shows the fun side that can be had working for the company as you demonstrate team building and fostering employee relationships.

Whether this video footage is shown to executives, clients or customers, it showcases positive brand awareness and demonstrates what a fun environment it is to work there.

Idea #4: Comic Product Demonstrations

When launching new products and services, smart companies want to get the message across in a unique way that stays in the minds of those watching. We have all seen boring product launches with too much detail and an overload of information, but to make it more fun and memorable, shake this up by being a bit edgy.

You can hire comical actors and get funny scripts to showcase your product line. This can bring much-needed comedy to the video without making it silly.

If you don’t already have one, introduce a company mascot or use a puppet spokesperson to help out. This will bring a smile to the faces of those viewing the content and separate your brand from the pack.

Idea #5: Funny Office Tours

Filming a light-hearted office tour for employee intake videos can help break the ice and make an HR interview much easier. This can be part of your training video series or a stand-alone entity for introducing your office facility and staff; it demonstrates what the office looks like, the amenities, and a peek into the culture you have created.

New employees will understand how great it is to work there and start on the right foot with onboarding. You also get to use your staff in the video to make it more personal so your new workers get a good first impression of the team you have assembled.

Once you have developed your fun concepts and filmed content, get feedback from your employees before distributing it or airing it on your site. Your staff can give valuable insight and great ideas to include some things you may not have thought about or tweak the concepts you already produced to make it even more fun.

This is also a great way to involve your staff so they feel valued and part of the creative output.

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