11 Ways on How to Arrange a Small Bedroom With Big Furniture

A large bed. A large dresser. A decent-sized bedside table. Those three elements alone can be very problematic inside a small bedroom. You have two options in a small bedroom – creating something cozy or cramped.

When you have a small bedroom, you might think you have limited options with bedroom furniture. However, the trick is to make the most from the space you have. Here are eleven ways on how to arrange a small bedroom with big furniture:

1. Big Furniture Goes In First

In order to arrange a small bedroom with big furniture, let’s consider your last bedroom and the things you had inside first. Now that you have less space, some things are going to be cut. That’s why you start with the biggest and most necessary furniture.

Once you have your bed and any other bulky space-taking elements in place, you can do a thorough evaluation of the room that’s left.

2. Your Bed Goes Furthest Away

There’s a specific way you should have your bed set up. Your bed should be flush with the wall and on the opposite side of the doorway. When you enter, the bed will create a perception of space. The closet it is to the doorway, the more cramped you will feel. Even better is to set your bed in a corner so that it touches two walls.

3. Create a Clear Path

Once your small bedroom is set up, leave the room and then, come back in. Based off the furniture, there should be a clear path from the doorway to the bed. You shouldn’t be bumping into corners or other pieces of furniture.

If you are, you may need to break some rules and re-arrange things so that you aren’t hurting yourself just trying to get from ‘here’ to ‘there’.

4. Don’t Go Thick – Go Thin

Thick draped curtains, rugs, and paintings on the wall have got to go. Thickness emphasizes the smallness of the space. This isn’t to say you can’t have these things though. Consider thinner canvases for paintings and thin sheet-like curtains.

You can keep your thick blankets on your bed, although even here, you may want to switch to thinner blankets underneath your top blanket.

5. Use Light Colors

Light colors should be considered for any throws, bedspreads, and artwork. Dark colors aren’t appropriate for a small room. When you use light colors, they can create a sense of expansion. Many modern furniture are designed in beautiful light colours, giving you plenty of options to stylize your home.

Although this isn’t a mandatory rule, it’s something to consider if you look around and feel like there’s still something missing or that you could be doing more with the space.

6. Use Your Walls

Once all the necessities are in, you may find your room lacks personality. How you can infuse a little more ‘you’ into the space is by using the walls. Line them with a single or multiple pieces of art. Create a collage of images that speak to you. Paint on them directly and make them as animated as you want. Walls are an underrated element of a bedroom. Make yours something special.

7. Think Vertically

When designing a room, we tend to think horizontally and what to fill our floor space with. A smaller-than-average bedroom has limited space. When you move a bed in, you take up the flooring area as well as the invisible space above it. You do this every time you move in a new piece of furniture.

Therefore, think vertically. Consider what can go above these elements. Perhaps there are things you can mount to your ceiling. Maybe you want to stack things. Potentially, there’s storage opportunities in there.

8. Mirrors Create More Perceivable Space

Hang a mirror on a wall. This can make the room feel so much bigger than it is, doubling your perceived space. This trick is used by interior designers and decorators all the time to maximize the charm of small spaces. The most natural place for a mirror like this is atop a dresser. A mirror may also work positioned flush with the wall and hung like artwork.

9. Storage and Organization

A small bedroom will fall apart in design even if there’s a minimal amount of disorganization. Unfortunately, the lack of space only draws attention to things like dirty clothes on the floor, a dresser-top covered in random knick-knacks, and garbage. Create stashes throughout the room. Under the bed, for example, is a great opportunity to store a lot of things.

10. Where Are Your Outlets?

You may only have outlets in a single area. That will be where you plug in any lamps, alarm clocks, USB cables, and anything else. Look for a thin table that measures the length of the wall. A customized shelf installed in this area may be another option. Once again, think vertically. If bedroom space is truly small, you’ve got options.

11. Mount Your TV, Don’t Use A Table

A final note. If you have a TV or monitor in your room to watch Netflix and things on it, a table’s only going to take up space. Buy a TV wall mount, lift the screen, and you’ll save sometimes a significant amount of space in a small bedroom.

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