7 Moving and Packing Hacks for a Smoother Move

Starting a new life in a new home can be pretty exciting, right? But moving is generally expensive, stressful, and overwhelming, and packing is probably the worst part.

Unless your moving budget allows you to pay your movers to take care of everything for you, you will have to carefully pack your belongings in boxes only so you can unpack them one by one when you reach your destination.

Fortunately, these seven moving and packing hacks will help you save some time, so your next move can be smoother. Get a few stacks of cardboard boxes and some packing tape, and work!

1. Label each packing box on the top and on one side

Whether you plan to write on your boxes with a marker or stick labels to them, be sure you label each box on the top and on at least one side.

This way, when you lift a box and carry it, you will be able to know in which room you should set it down by reading what’s written on top of it. And when your boxes are stacked in your new home, it will still be easy to know what’s inside them by reading their side label.

Consider packing a few boxes of essentials and label them properly to know which box to open when you need tools, cleaning supplies, clothes, toiletries, or snacks.

2. Take pictures with your phone to organize your packed boxes

It might not be enough to simply write in which room each box should go. You will probably not unpack all your boxes on the same day after your move, so it will be important to be able to locate any packed item whenever you need it.

Of course, you could write a detailed list on the side of each box. But how about taking a photo of each box’s content?

You could simply write a number on each box and match that number to a photo of what’s inside. When you need something, look at the photos on your phone to learn exactly which box you should open.

3. Make your own packing material to cushion fragile items

Begin the process by compiling various packing supplies like packing peanuts or bubble wrap. However, you could also save some money by making your packing material to cushion fragile items.

Some items can simply be wrapped in pillowcases, towels, and washcloths. But if you own a paper shredder and have a lot of now useless documents to shred due to your move, you could use this shredded paper instead of packing peanuts.

4. Use a toothpick to mark your rolls of packing tape

Packing tape is convenient. But it can also be frustrating, especially when you cannot locate the end of your roll of tape.

To make things easier, simply place a toothpick under the sticky end of your roll, so it will always be easy to peel off when you need a piece of tape.

If you seem to always lose your roll of tape, try wearing it around your wrist if it fits. You will never misplace it again.

5. Take photos of the back of your electronics before packing them

Do you always feel confused when it’s time to reconnect your electronics? If so, take a few seconds to take a photo of how everything is connected before disconnecting it.

When it’s time to install your TV, your desktop computer or your sound system, take a look at your photos so you can easily connect everything exactly to the right place. You can then use the time you have saved with this simple hack to enjoy your electronics, eat a snack or take a nap.

6. Keep your bottles of liquids from leaking

Bottles of shampoo and shower gel usually don’t leak when they are just sitting on a shelf in your bathroom. But what if they leak while in transit? You don’t want to open a box that goes into your bathroom only to discover that there is now shampoo all over your toiletries.

To prevent leaks, simply remove the cap of any bottle that contains a liquid, a cream or a lotion. Place a small piece of plastic wrap over the opening, then screw the cap back on.

See, it’s much easier to prevent a mess than to clean it up!

7. Vacuum pack some large items in garbage bags

The last packing hack on this list is perfect for bulky items such as pillows, blankets, and winter coats. To save some space inside the moving truck, you should vacuum pack these items.

How? Simply place each bulky item inside a garbage bag, then insert the hose of a vacuum cleaner, being careful not to touch the bag or what’s inside. At the same time, forming a seal around the hose with your hand, suction the air inside the bag. Then, remove the hose and tie the bag with a rubber band.

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