7 Best Ways on How to Get Rid of Chipmunks Under Deck

Don’t let their usual, cute exterior fool you; chipmunks can cause quite a stir. In regards to your property, these animals can be the reason for some undeserved damage. The extent of the damage varies, but their presence remains unwarranted.

Chipmunks can gather in various areas of your household, depending on their intent. Some can find vulnerabilities in your roof, while others may make their mark under your deck. If you are having difficulties with the latter, there are solutions available.

Use the following methods on how to get rid of chipmunks under the deck:

1. Investigate where the chipmunks are

Although dealing with chipmunks can be taken care of in a simple manner, you should investigate their presence around your outdoor decks. While they may be drawn to your deck or porch overtime, there may be things in your backyard that attract them first. For example, those of you who have well-kept gardens may be in trouble.

Most of the sustenance that chipmunks feed on grows on gardens. While they feast away on your crops, they may see an opening under your deck for a makeshift home. It is best to mitigate the amount of attractions in your setting, so that chipmunks won’t soon be drawn to them.

2. Avoid poisoning the chipmunks

To get rid of chipmunks under the deck, it’s important to not use any poison. Removing a pest from under your deck takes some reasonable effort on your part. However, you don’t want to have to resort to poisonous tactics to do it. All animals, whether chipmunks or otherwise, deserve to be removed from your premises as humanely as possible.

For chipmunks specifically, it is highly recommended to avoid utilizing moth balls. Moth balls have seen a surge in popularity in recent years, but pose numerous risks. Plus, younger children can easily mistake them for candy; the resulting implications are very dangerous. Use methods that are natural, so that you can safely get rid of them.

3. Trapping the chipmunks

For the most humane way of conducting chipmunk removal, use a live animal trap. These traps are common to deploy, if the issue of chipmunks under your deck is persistent. To use one, place the cage as close as you can to their burrow. This will be near the deck itself, but not directly underneath it.

Before you place the trap there, you’ll have to insert some bait into it. This can be a treat that attracts the chipmunk, such as lettuce or peanut butter. If one trap fails to work, you may have to set several of them near the perimeter of the deck. That way, the animal will eventually fall for the snare’s bait.

4. Bucket Trap

Similar in vein to the ordinary cage trap before it, a bucket trap works just as effectively. In terms of sizing, you’ll have to get one that is considerably large. Chipmunks are known for their ability to make substantial leaps. Having a bucket that takes that ability away from them will work really well.

Once you have your bucket, fill it with sunflower seeds. Next, lean an aptly-sized wooden plank against the rim of the bucket, so that it acts as a ramp. Once the chipmunk leaves your deck and enters the bucket, it won’t be able to escape. As a precaution, add some oil to the bucket’s inner-sides to make it harder for them to get away!

5. Audible Repellent

These types of audio repellents won’t affect you, if that is your concern. An ultrasonic repellant works by emitting a sound that is only picked up by smaller rodents. For example, the chipmunk making its home underneath your deck will become annoyed by the sound it hears.

To ensure that your ultrasonic repellant works at its maximum capacity, look to your property’s perimeter. Install them around the edge of your backyard, so that they are at an effective distance from the deck. Once active, the sounds will either discourage chipmunks from coming in, or be irritating enough to force their exit.

6. Ammonia

Utilizing ammonia can be an excellent means to draw out chipmunks living near your deck. The smell of this substance is similar to the urine of its natural predators. It only takes a few whiffs of an ammonia-soaked rag placed near your deck!

7. Professional service

If all else fails, your best bet may be to call an animal extraction service. Although it may cost a bit more to use, these experts will be able to remove the chipmunks in a humane manner. Plus, they will usually install other deterrents to further dissuade them from coming back again.

Saturday morning cartoons and animated movies have illustrated chipmunks as friendly animals for years. Although this may be true for their real-life counterparts, their presence can be a nuisance. If chipmunks are living underneath your deck, make sure you use one of these techniques as soon as possible!

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