7 Different Types of Boiler Systems with High Efficiency

Looking for a boiler system that will offer an effective heating solution even during the coldest winters? There are many versatile boilers and even slimmer models available in the market. Today suppliers are extending services to provide the boiler as well as professional installation, repair and maintenance. This way, you can rely on the professionals should your system breakdown and require repairs.

Generally, boilers function with a heat distribution system, heat-emitting and control systems. The systems distribute the heated air throughout the facility by emitting radiant heat to warm the room. The boiler systems are controlled using thermostats, which can balance the temperature within a room according to the actual air temperature. There are high-efficient models that are Energy Star qualified.

Some models are faster compared to conventional heating systems offering maximum comfort and ultra-smooth heat output. There are many top brands that very few suppliers offer. So you should find and purchase a boiler from the right supplier who can provide you with the brands you are looking for as well as after-sales support.

Boilers are designed to integrate easily into any facility to offer smart, energy-efficient heat comfort throughout the entire facility. Boilers are preferred because they can be controlled through a thermostat, and the radiant heat can make the room a whole lot warmer. A significant benefit of using boilers is that it does not waste resources like water or gas.

Here are a seven types of boiler systems that we can recommend:

Type #1: Condensing Boiler

This type of boiler is user-friendly and slim, this heating solution is easy to install. It comes with a built-in boiler pump and copper (or aluminum) heat exchanger that assures you of comfort, efficiency and the elimination of waterside corrosion.

The benefits of a condensing boiler include higher energy efficiency, energy cost savings and a smaller carbon footprint. They are simple to maintain and the amount of furnace repairs will be kept to a minimum.

Type #2: Aqua Balance Boiler

Perfectly balancing heat and water, the Aqua Balance Boiler is a compact yet high-efficiency space heating design. You can also use this system for on-demand domestic hot water at a capacity of four gallons per minute at 70 degrees F. temperature. Another advantage is that the Aqua Balance Boilers are Energy Star rated, which means that the boiler offers energy savings and qualifies for local utility rebates.

If you are constructing a new home or if you are working for a construction company, you should consider installing these units for houses, apartments and condominiums.

Type #3: ECO Wall Mount Gas Boiler

Exceeding the Energy Star standards, this high-end, ultra-quiet gas boiler is known for its top-quality performance. It features a durable steel fire-tube heat exchanger.

The system is corrosion resistant and is designed to make maintenance a breeze. It is compact and can be easily mounted on the walls. Most importantly, these boilers save you a whole lot of floor space, while you enjoy the right amount of heat comfort.

Type #4: Dual-Condensing Combi Boiler

The dual-condensing combi boilers are unique as it comes with two-in-one heat exchangers. This system combines both domestic hot water and space heating into an energy-efficient design. With this feature, you can save a lot of money on your monthly utility bills. Apart from energy efficiency, this unit features self-cleaning capabilities, minimized heat loss and extreme comfort. So you get value for your investment.

Type #5: Oil Boiler

Keeping your facility comfortable at all times, this type of boilers can achieve superior high-levels of efficiency. You will notice this through the level of heat comfort and energy savings. Despite being an oil boiler, it provides excellent fuel utilization, lowers heating costs and significantly lowers emissions.

You can rely on this system for many years of service. Maintaining it regularly will surely help the boiler to last for decades. Some models can be easily installed in older buildings with very narrow passages or small mechanical rooms.

Type #6: Fire Tube Gas Boiler

Modern and sleek with its stainless steel structure, this gas boiler offers a digital display and high-efficiency capabilities. It automatically shuts down during the warm weather providing you with the ease and comfort of operations.

In addition, it offers economical energy consumption, high operational reliability and a long service life. You can’t go wrong with this system as the benefits are endless such as space savings, low noise levels, total control, low gas pressure and an innovative heat exchange design.

Type #7: Evergreen Gas Boiler

This boiler comes with an advanced programmability feature and is quieter than a human whisper. It is easy to install and is ultra-quiet when operational as all components are designed to work in harmony. You will experience superior home comfort, energy efficiency and user-friendly controls. This system effortlessly disperses heat around your entire home.

It offers comfort levels in all areas of your property or commercial facility. It is the type of unit you will want for a heating system as it is quiet, aesthetically appealing and offers both wall-mounted or floor standing options.

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