10 Important Office Equipment and Supplies for a New Business

Whether you are moving your office to a new space or setting one up from scratch, an office relocation takes significant effort and plenty of decisions. If you are part of a move team, your mind is likely swimming with details. Where will everyone sit? Is it time to upgrade phones? Can you finally buy new kitchen supplies? What will your sales team need to hit the ground running?

If you have an office set-up or move on the horizon, you have plenty to think about and organize. Outside of fitting your new space with workstations, lighting and electricity, you need to make sure your team has everything they need to hit the ground running on the first day. Keep a list of timelines, key dates and everything you will need to have on hand when you receive the keys to your new space.

While many decisions will come down to budget, a new space, along with new office supplies and equipment, can help to energize and ignite your employees. As you start to plan your move, start with a list of essential office equipment and supplies:

1. Office Furniture

The first step in planning out your new office will likely involve a seating map to figure out where the office furniture will be placed. Chart out your floor plan with enough space for meetings and creative work to be done. Be sure to factor in room for growth.

Unless you can reuse existing desks, tables and other furniture, you will want to allow plenty of time to choose and order your office furniture. Be sure to plan for meeting room, kitchen and reception furniture, if needed.

2. Office Phone System

Whether you plan to use traditional landline phones or a cell phone system in your new office, be sure your phones are ready to go. This will prevent communication gaps with existing clients and will allow employees to be productive right away.

Your phone system will likely be a key component for office security, as well—another reason to have it up and running as soon as you move into your new space.

3. Office Hardware

Will your office move include new desktops or laptop computers? Will you need new printers or copy machines to maximize efficiency? Be sure to plan ahead for these office equipment, especially if there is a lead time from your supplier.

4. Desk Supplies

Of course, no new-office preparation would be complete without everything found in a well-stocked desk drawer. Be sure you have plenty of office supplies and equipment available. These office equipment and supplies include pens, pencils, envelopes, staplers, sticky notes, file folders, scissors, binders and tape on hand.

5. Kitchen Supplies

When moving to a new office, kitchen supplies can be easy to overlook. Plan to provide plenty of coffee mugs, glasses, plates, bowls and cutlery. Make sure you have supplies to make coffee and tea.

You may even want to supply conveniences such as can openers, spatulas and serving spoons. Don’t forget to stock your fridge and cupboards with basic break-time supplies. Think: coffee, tea and even birthday candles.

6. Shipping Supplies

Even if your business doesn’t ship products as a core revenue stream, you need to ensure you have plenty of office supplies to enable day-to-day shipping operations. From bubble wrap and cushioned envelopes to courier bags and packing tape, make sure your shipping area is well-stocked and ready to go on day one.

7. Presentation Supplies

To keep your sales team on track throughout an office move, make sure your presentation supplies are well-stocked and easy to access. From binders and clear pouches to sheet protectors, folders and other accessories, sales staff will appreciate having all the office supplies and equipment they need on hand.

8. Storage Equipment

Outside of cubicle and meeting room furniture, you will need to make sure that you have enough storage space in the way of shelves, cabinets and secure filing systems. Remember to build in room for expansion. Plan beyond your current storage needs, allowing growth to unfold as efficiently as possible.

9. Network and Software

Plan ahead to make sure your network is up and running as soon as you land in your new space. With a potential upgrade in hardware, take the opportunity to ensure your software and network security are up to date and ready to go, as well.

10. Garbage and Recycling

As you take on a new space, particularly if you are moving to a larger office, you will want to plan ahead for garbage and recycling needs. Make sure both are easy for employees to access and use. Account for small garbage and recycling bins under each desk, larger receptacles in meeting areas and plenty of the largest bins available in the kitchen area.

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