What Are the Best Blinds for Bathroom Windows?

Privacy is essential to anyone’s house, allowing you to feel secure and comfortable within your space. The most regular way your privacy could be evaded is when your windows are left open and completely see-through. You don’t want your neighbours to get all up in your business, either! You can easily account for this by drawing your curtains or blinds and blocking the outside world from looking in.

The bathroom is probably one of the most important areas to maintain privacy. While having enough natural light flowing through your house is important, you may shut it out when using the bathroom. Once again, there are several methods to cover them up, one of them being using blinds. All blinds virtually perform the same task of granting you your privacy. However, some work in different ways than others do, which could influence your ultimate decision of which one to place on your window.

Here is more information on the best blinds for your bathroom window!

1. Faux wood blinds

One of the most recommended blinds to use on your bathroom widows is faux wood blinds. Faux wood blinds present the purchaser with a touch of elegance and style while not making them spend too much money trying to achieve this aesthetic!

Since the blinds are faux wood mimicking the look of real wood, as they are made of vinyl or PVC, they also act as an excellent eco-friendly option. Additionally, they are easy to maintain and keep clean due to their moisture resistance and offer superb control over your privacy and lighting.

2. Roller blinds

Another recommended blind that you could consider buying would be roller blinds. Roller blinds are popular for bathroom windows as they give the buyer complete control over privacy and lighting.

Since the blinds are made of a single fabric, they take up far less space in the bathroom. They function when the strings attached to them are pulled, making them slide either up or down, depending on your preference. You can choose how many windows you want to keep shielded and unshielded. Furthermore, they are a highly practical choice for your bathroom as they are easy to keep clean!

3. Motorized shades or blinds

If you’re looking for a highly convenient type of blind that will make your life far easier, consider opting for motorized blinds! Imagine being completely relaxed and soaking in a bathtub when you suddenly remember you’ve forgotten to draw the blinds of your bathroom window!

Instead of panicking and getting irritated that you would have to leave the bath and drip water all over your floor as you make your way to shut the blinds by hand, you remember that you can control it with the simple push of a button. Motorized blinds allow you to take control of your blinds via a remote or right from your smartphone, making your bathroom endeavours more relaxing and convenient. On top of all of these advantages, they are also energy-friendly and can help you save on your energy bills!

4. Sheer shades

A surprisingly useful type of bathroom blind that you could purchase is sheer shades. As the name suggests, they are sheer, but don’t worry! They are only sheer, not see-through, so they are a great option. With sheer blinds, you can benefit from bathing in the light while not doing it in front of anyone on the outside. They comprise a couple of layers of sheer fabric that can also be adjusted as you like.

All the above blinds can be found in various shapes, sizes and colours! Create an ambience that best suits you by making the right choice. This will help make your bathroom feel at home, ensuring comfort in your private space.

Now that we have presented you with an array of options for blinds for your bathroom window, let’s go over some additional upkeep tips that will help you maintain them for a long period!

Remember to retain their cleanliness by either dusting them, wiping them down, or even vacuuming them from top to bottom and front to back. Do this as often as once every one to two weeks. If you want to thoroughly clean them, wipe them with a water and vinegar solution every month. You should also make sure not to purchase blinds made of absorbent materials. If you do, then the moisture from the bathroom will seep into the blinds, making them dirty, moist and susceptible to mould growth.

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