How to Dump Out Vape Juice Safely

Vaping is a fun pastime that helps many people transition from smoking cigarettes. There are so many types of vape juice to satisfy your taste buds, and as you progress from disposable vape pens to refillable cartridges, you get to buy vape juice and fill the tank yourself.

While vaping is a cleaner method of consuming nicotine and flavourings, some residue must be discarded. You may not enjoy what is in your tank and need to throw it out, or you have an old, partially used bottle of vape juice long past its prime. Either way, if it isn’t pleasant to consume, discard it.

What is the best way to get rid of your old supply? Here is how to dump out vape juice.

1. Kitty litter

This is a method that many people use to get rid of their old vape juice. Kitty litter can absorb liquids by clumping them into solids. From there, you no longer have juice. You can then put it into a sealed plastic bag and throw it into the trash. Sawdust works as well. Not ideal, but it is less toxic in this state.

Landfills are designed so toxic material can be dumped there as they prevent groundwater contamination and meet environmental protection standards nationwide.

2. Absorbent material

Using a paper towel is similar to kitty litter in that it will absorb the vape juice and hold it in the paper fibres until it dries. A wad of cotton will work too. Make sure to dispose of it immediately, as the sweet smell may attract pets or children to see what it is and be exposed to nicotine.

3. Local hazardous waste management agency

There are local waste management facilities that you can contact to inquire about safe disposal. Vaping products have been around long enough, so if they don’t handle it, they can tell you where to go or what to do with it.

Empty vape juice bottles must also be thrown away so you can rinse them out with soap and water and pour them down the toilet. Then they should be safe to go into your recycle bin. Make sure to separate any attached batteries and recycle them too.

Alternatively, you can save your small bottles and decant them from larger glass bottles of vape juice you buy. It makes it easier to travel with a smaller bottle. You can also save the bottles for our DIY flavours.

4. Do not dump vape juice in sink

Vape juice has five main ingredients. Water is included in vape juice to better deliver nicotine to the body and doesn’t alter the flavour. In addition, it also contains Propylene Glycol PG, the flavour carrier that hits a strong throat like smoking tobacco. Another ingredient is Vegetable Glycerine VG, which allows you to produce thick clouds with a smoother throat hit. Finally, flavourings come in various options, including candy, dessert, drink, tobacco and menthol.

While this combination is safe for people to vaporize, it is unsafe for casual disposal. It should not be dumped out on the ground or into the sink as these chemicals may make their way into the ecosystem unchecked.

5. How to handle vape juice safely

While filling your vaping device with juice is safe, discarding unwanted juice can pose a hazard to you personally. You need to take precautions when dumping vape juice and washing out old bottles, as it can cause irritation or a burning sensation on the skin. Nicotine can be absorbed into the body and may sometimes be poisonous.

Here are the safest steps:

  • Wear tight-fitting gloves, as bottles are small, and you need good talent to safely handle them without spilling or splashing the contents.
  • Put on a long sleeve shirt as a precaution so if it does splash, you won’t get it directly on your skin.
  • Wear goggles to protect your eyes from contact with the liquid, as it can cause chemical burns to the delicate structure of the outer eye.
    Use a plastic bag to seal up the juice after it is poured. A good practice is to double-bag it so it doesn’t leak. Put kitty little or another absorbent material in the bag first.
  • Dispose immediately so it doesn’t sit around and get discovered by a child or pet.

This is how to dump out vape juice in the most responsible way. Some people simply throw the bottles in the trash, and you may have done that too. Now that you know how to dispose of vape juice correctly, it is a worthy burden to undertake so that children, animals and the environment are kept safe.

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