How to Take a Relationship to the Next Level

Finding someone to spend time with is exciting; you know when it is a good fit. You may have enjoyed casual dating because of the variety of personalities, and while it is fun, connecting with the perfect partner is even better.

Have you found someone you have committed to and want to enhance the relationship? Becoming more serious or expanding your intimacy takes time, but you usually know when it is right.

Not sure how to move forward? Here is how to take a relationship to the next level.

1. Strengthen the Connection

Everything in life takes hard work to produce and progress. Your relationship is no different and needs to be nurtured and tended to grow. If your goal is a long-term partnership, you need to strengthen the connection and tighten the bond you share. This can be done with:

  • Sharing experiences
  • Talking about the important stuff
  • Planning for the future
  • Getting closer to each other’s family and friends
  • Helping each other through problems
  • Being there more

When you put in the effort, you will find it easy to become close, allowing vulnerability and passion to increase. Make it a priority to work on the glue that holds you together.

2. Sex Toys

Do you want to take your intimacy to the next level? Bring in sex toys.

Sex toys are a great way to enhance the sexual experience and bring a couple together. You get to know what your partner likes sexually, and it will increase the pleasure and make orgasms more intense.

There are several toys to pick from depending on your liking, and they include:

  • External stimulators like clitoral vibrators, cock rings and fetish gear
  • Internal Stimulators like vibrators, male masturbators and anal toys

You can visit your sex toy store or go online together to find sex toys you are both comfortable with and then start experimenting. Toys are great to use together, but you can also bring them into your solo masturbation for personal enjoyment. This will help you become more sexually free and bring that awakening into your mutual sexual sessions.

3. Communicate

This is part of connecting but needs to be emphasized because it is so important. Casual relationships often have lots of small talk about unimportant things. This may be great for meeting a friend over coffee, but you must go deeper when taking a step closer with your partner.

Learn about them by asking questions and paying attention. You have to want to learn about them, or else it is a waste of time. Communication with your partner is about discovering things like their work and life goals, sensitive details about their past and other personal things they don’t share with anyone else.

This is also a time to talk about sex. If you haven’t got there yet, be open about what you hope to move towards sexually. If you are already intimate, share some of your desires and fantasies with them. You may find they are open to what you like and may share the same sexual desires.

Open up and communicate with your partner to deepen the relationship.

4. Be Accountable

Part of having a relationship is being accountable to the other person. This means you own up to your mistakes and acknowledge the effects your behaviours may have on the other person. Stop the blame game and learn how to apologize to quickly get through any conflict. This shows maturity and a commitment to the relationship by demonstrating that you want to grow closer.

Being accountable also means you are trustworthy and honest. When you say you will be somewhere, make sure you are. This relationship should be the most important one in your life; you must show it with everything you say and do.

5. Make Long Term Plans

Nothing strengthens a relationship more than plans. It can separate the wheat from the chaff and indicate if your partner wants to commit more to you. Relationships start with casual dating to inclusivity over time. Then at a certain point, you need to make a bigger commitment, or you are wasting time.

Start making plans for your future about the following:

  • Moving in together
  • Buying a home together
  • Discussing marriage
  • Talking about having children

These are big, long-term commitments, and if you want to take your relationship to the next level, you need to have these conversations and start making plans.

This is how you take the relationship to the next level. Work on these days and see how close you become, and you will find a tighter commitment of body, mind and spirit that will bring total satisfaction in your life.

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