Four University Tips for Students: Self-Care and Stress Management

University isn’t easy, and one of the things that is sometimes hardest for students is taking care of themselves. It feels as if there are ten thousand things to do every day, and it can be tempting to put off self-care in favour of a late-night library session. It’s important to block off enough time for personal maintenance, and some tools to help make that happen include calendar apps, grocery delivery, and an essay writing service.

1. Stay Organized

Today’s students have more than ever to keep track of, and it’s not easy. Students should take some time to evaluate different resources to determine what is the best way for them to stay organized. There are some excellent smartphone calendars and apps (Trello is one) that help track class schedules, work schedules, assignment due dates, and personal commitments.

Even though it may look and feel a little old-fashioned (think retro or vintage, if that’s preferable), paper planners and Post-It notes have worked well for many people for many years. It’s a personal choice, but every student should make that choice and commit to a system of organization. Chaos breeds chaos and stress, and that doesn’t help anyone!

2. Make Executive Decisions

Sometimes when a student lays everything out for the week, it becomes clear that there simply isn’t enough time to get everything done. The first impulse may be to play ostrich and pretend that everything will be fine, but that’s not healthy or helpful.

To get through the tough times, decisions have to be made. It may be tempting to call off a shift at work, but that could get the student into trouble. It will also mean a smaller paycheck, and that’s not always an option. The next choice could be to cancel some social activities, but everybody needs downtime to relieve stress and promote emotional well-being.

Another choice could be to turn to a professional essay writing service to complete one or more of the looming assignments. This way, a student can have peace of mind knowing that all their work will be done well and turned in on time!

3. Fuel Your Body Properly

The body needs fuel to function well, and this means proper meals. It’s easy to order pizza late at night (and the truth is that pizza isn’t terrible), but people need more than convenience foods to function at their peak. Make sure to start off the day with a breakfast that includes protein as well as complex carbohydrates, eat high-quality foods throughout the day, and stay hydrated with water instead of soda or coffee.

4. Prioritize Health and Safety

As discussed above, students sometimes have to make hard choices; however, it should never be a choice to put health and safety at risk. This means making sure to eat well, exercise regularly, get sun and fresh air, and get adequate sleep. Self-care such as this may not feel like the “university experience,” but the truth is that students need to do this to succeed at university and afterward.

It’s important to stick to a schedule, but that schedule needs to include time for personal maintenance. It is possible to maximize efficiency by getting groceries delivered or having some assignments completed by an essay writing service, but some things can’t be outsourced and those include self-care such as sleep, hygiene, and health. Students should be sure to allow enough time to take care of themselves so that they’re in the best shape possible to take care of everything else.

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