9 Most Delicious Christmas Party Finger Foods

The holidays are a special time for catching up with friends and family. Many of us make the time to celebrate the season with friends, family and work colleagues. While holiday gatherings can be relaxing and fun, they can also be a tremendous amount of work for the host and / or hostess. If you are planning a holiday event this year, some professional catering preparation will help to make your entire night more enjoyable.

If you are new to hosting, or simply want to keep the night as easy as possible, consider keeping it simple by serving Christmas party finger foods. Easy for your guests to hold and manage while deep in holiday conversations, finger foods can help your night go smoothly.

Here are some simple ideas for Christmas party finger foods:


1. Cheese

Cheese is always a crowd pleaser and one of the classic Christmas party finger foods. Be sure to include two or more cheese trays in your plans for finger foods. As guests move around your party or gathering, they will surely gravitate towards cheese. Include different varieties, including soft and hard cheeses, with plenty of crackers and / or toothpicks for serving.

2. Puff Pastries

Everyone loves a bite-size pastry puff. Simply pop your favourite fillings inside, weather brie cheese, bacon, cranberry sauce, mushroom, onion or garlic. These bite-size pleasures can combine familiar and new tastes. Puff pastries are versatile, as they can be simple and plain or dressed-up and decadent.

3. Flavoured Butters

Served with fresh bread, flavoured butters are an easy way to dress up your finger food table. Simply whip room temperature butter with an electric mixer, until smooth. Add your favourite herbs, cheeses and / or extras, such as lime peel or fresh garlic. These butters can be spread into candy molds and set in the freezer to chill. Simply pull out ahead of your party and be sure to label, so your guests know what kind of treat they are about to enjoy.

4. Roll Ups

Tortilla-wrapped roll ups are perhaps one of the most versatile options for finger foods. If you prefer to serve something cold—like fresh peppers with cream cheese and green onion, you can easily make this dish ahead of time. Simply prepare your roll ups on large tortillas, roll and slice. Store in the fridge until you are ready to serve. If you prefer something warm, like caramelized onions with melted brie cheese, you can prepare your ingredients ahead of time, but final preparation will need to be at the last minute.

5. Nuts and Pretzels

Salty treats, strategically located throughout your party room, are sure to be a crowd favourite. Almonds, peanuts, mixed nuts and pretzels are just a few ideas to get started. Consider mixing nuts with pretzels and sea salt. For something special, consider warming these savoury goodies ahead of time.

6. Comfort Foods

Everyone loves a little comfort over the holidays, especially in the shape of finger foods. Consider something easy-to-hold and eat, like a mini mac and cheese bite, an undersized stuffing cupcake or tiny pizza bites, made from puff pastry and your favourite pizza toppings.

7. Themed Pastries, Dips and Spreads

For added holiday fun, consider a Christmas-themed shape among your finger foods. For example, you may try puff pastry, cut into the shape of a Christmas tree. Spread the bottom layer of pastry with your favourite cheese, garlic and pesto, top with another layer of pastry and bake. Similarly, try a hummus dip, mixed with onion, shaped as a Christmas gift or Santa Claus, or cheese balls, piled and decorated to look like a snowman.

8. Sweet Treats

No matter how wonderful the savoury bites, your guests will almost certainly be looking for a little something sweet at your gathering, as well. Christmas offers an opportunity for fun in this department. Consider making your desserts finger sized, too: tiny gingerbread men, small cookies, mini cupcakes. Your guests will love trying them all, without the guilt of something much larger. Even better, these goodies can be made well ahead of time, taking one thing off your preparation list.

9. Find a Trusted Helper

Everyone could use a hand at Christmas, especially when you are hosting. If you have a trusted friend or family member, ask them to help you with preparation or serving. Alternatively, it may change your party experience altogether to have your event catered by someone experienced. A good caterer can help you with event-planning, creative food ideas and best of all, the cleanup.

With all the planning, preparation and cooking that goes into the holidays, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. If you are planning to host an event this year, we hope this list of Christmas party finger foods has been helpful. Whether you have found inspiration for a specific dish or ideas to research further, we wish you happy hosting this year.

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