Stay Healthy As You Enjoy Your Vaping Sessions

As new vaping products continue emerging, the more advanced vaporizers are enabling vapers to reduce nicotine strengths mainly because they are now delivering nicotine more efficiently. Vaping is still a young industry and there is much debate regarding its safety as more and more people embrace the habit not just in Canada but globally.

The truth is that vaping does not purport to be without an element of risk, but there are numerous studies that give credence to the idea that compared to cigarette smoking it is by far safer.

Your vape journey can be made or broken by the flavour choice that you make. There are lots of vapers today who enjoy vape juice that are fruit flavoured, while others will go for menthol vape juice. Essentially, your choice will be determined by your personal preference.

Get Rid Of Still Water

Water that has been standing still for an extended period allows for the growth of mould and germs. It is, therefore, important that your vaporizer is cleaned regularly to avoid that. Always try and stick to the directions from the device manufacturer on how to maintain and clean your vaporizer.

When filling your vaporizer, use distilled water as it keeps build-up of mineral deposits on the device parts at the minimum. It is important that the water on your vaporizer is changed every day and the device cleaned at least every 2-3 days. Before storing the unit after use, ensure that all the device parts are clean and dry.

Proper Vaporizer Maintenance

Regularly cleaning your vaporizer’s parts not only extends its life but also preserves the quality and flavour of the produced vapour. When used regularly, herbs and resin particles tend to build up within vaporizers effectively clogging up the screens and making attachments sticky. Not only does this make the taste of your vapour terrible, but when drawing, it also causes congestion, diminishing the vapour effects when you inhale. Regular maintenance of your vaporizer will keep the unit operating smoothly, producing great tasting vapour, and it may also contribute to saving money on parts replacement.


Many times, new users get overwhelmed with the vast and diverse amounts of information available over the Internet regarding how to vape safely. The amount of work needed in caring for your vaporizer unit will solely be dependent on what kind of unit you buy and the way it is used.

If you want your device to run smoothly, last for years and continue to give a quality hit every time, then some maintenance is essential. It is a fact that vaping and vaporizers have not been around long enough to allow for long-term studies on it effects, but the available short-term studies indicate that that it’s not bad so long as the user follow the recommended general safety tips. If you need more information from an expert, DashVapes may be able to help you.

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