Patients Love Digital Imaging

Today’s dental office visits are simpler, more accurate, less intensive, offer better and quicker results and allow people to visit the dentist less than in the past. This is all due to an innovative procedure that utilizes special software and technology involving digital x-rays.

Comprehensive ApproachDigital x-rays allow patients a more comprehensive approach to their oral hygiene. Digital x-rays reduce the amount of radiation patients receive because patients use an electronic sensor that captures a digital image of the mouth. With digital x-rays, radiation is reduced by 80 to 90 percent, it translates to quicker results, and it provides patients a way to view imaging of their mouths.


Digital x-rays allow for greater versatility. Traditional x-rays only provide a static 2D image. To get additional views and angles of the mouth, multiple films of traditional x-rays were essential. However, digital x-rays can provide a 3D image of the mouth that can be manipulated so that teeth can be viewed in a variety of angles. Dentists are able to assess treatments more accurately as well because they can view the mouth from different angles and can amplify images to discover hidden oral issues. This also allows the dentist to view current oral issues that may have otherwise been missed.

Treatment Plans

Digital x-rays enable clients to view a full model of their mouth in two phases: before procedures and after procedures. This allows patients to be more involved in the process of selecting dental treatments and understanding how their dental hygiene plays a part in their oral and overall health. For instance, if certain teeth have cavities, it is easy to show patients how to brush teeth in these areas or discuss other options for cleaning teeth properly. Patients are also able to better understand how procedures will enhance their smiles because digital imaging allows patients to see the final results.

Fearing Dental Visits

Some people fear dental visits, and digital imaging helps to take fear out of process. This helps small children adjust to the dentist as well. Patients have an easier time visiting the dentist when they are comfortable with him or her. This means that visiting one while young is important. Digital x-rays are easier to fit inside the mouth than traditional x-ray films, which makes it easier to deal with younger patients.

Because digital x-rays allow for greater accuracy and more efficient treatment plans and procedures, patients love visiting the dentist. The same technology is being used by orthodontists to fit braces. Digital imaging is a phenomenal and innovative approach to improving smiles and overall health.

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