quiltblocks.jpg Japanese Quilt Blocks to Mix and Match On a scale of good quilting books I've ever looked at, this is pretty high up there. I love books that provide a lot of different specific instructions or patterns but also present you the opportunity to use those creatively to come up with your own designs and ideas. And that's exactly what this book does. It has instructions for 132 different individual blocks and innumerable ways to combine them or make different kinds of fabric choices to create beautiful quilts. japanesequilt7.jpg Some are variations of traditional, universal patchwork quilt blocks but made with beautiful Japanese fabrics, and others are really beautiful traditional Japanese techniques like Kamon or Takarazukushi appliqu├ęs and sashiko. So pretty! japanesequilt32.jpg These pictures don't even do justice to the variety and number of quilt blocks that are in this book. Also, if you weren't up for making a whole quilt, a lot of these blocks would make a beautiful wall hanging, pillow or some other small project because each block is so intricate on it's own. japanesequilt2.jpg The author, Susan Briscoe, also has a blog where you can see her other work and some of the quilts that have been made from the book.