5 Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas for a Single Woman

One of the many perks of not being in a committed relationship is getting so much more time and space all to yourself. Without the pressure of placing your efforts on someone else, you can use it to focus on ways you can make yourself happy!

This is a bonus if you live alone. Since you don’t need to decide on decorations with someone else, you can individualize your living areas as per your taste, comfort, and preference. No more compromising and being discontent with how your room looks!

Amidst this freedom of creativity, if your bedroom is small, you may struggle to fit everything you want into one space. Since your bedroom needs a bed, one or more tables, seating furniture, and more items you think are necessary or preferential, decorating it could seem daunting.

If you find yourself in this situation, read on! We’ve compiled a few tips and tricks to have the bedroom of your dreams without fearing losing out on the items you want!

Small Bedroom Decorating Idea #1: Colours

Even though the physical amount of space in your bedroom remains unchanged regardless of the colours you choose to decorate it with, spaces open up to the eye with the use of bright colours. We don’t mean neon colours unless you’re into that, but more general colours like white or light ones. You’d be surprised to see how much your small room grows in size if you put this into use. Try implementing these colours into your wallpaper, paint, bedsheets, furniture, and rugs.

On the other hand, darker colours could intensify the feeling of comfort and coziness. Decorating your sitting or sleeping areas with darker colours may make them seem more appealing and snug. They are also safer if you prevent your furniture from getting visibly stained.

Small Bedroom Decorating Idea #2: Multipurpose furniture

This one’s a real space-saver! Multipurpose furniture is a godsend when you need to fit many things into a limited space.

One piece of multi-use furniture we recommend if you want your room to entail a bed and a sofa would be a sleeper sofa. This sofa is convertible into a bed simply by pulling it out! Not only does this save up on space, but their foam mattresses make you feel like you’re malting into them. Sleeper sofas for small spaces are known to be incredibly comfortable.

If you have some object that is set in front of the sleeper sofa when it is in its sofa form, all you need to do is move it out of the way when you want to open it up into a bed, so make sure to not decorate that space with anything heavy or difficult to shift aside.

Tables that also function as storage facilities are our other recommendation. Of course, you can find several that comprise draws but also open up into chests! Irrespective of whether you choose to fill it up with clothes, stationary, or accessories, you now have extra space to do so.

Small Bedroom Decorating Idea #3: Decorate your corners

Furnishing your corners will increase the perception of depth in your room, enlarging the size of one’s eyes. Additionally, it proves to be rather functional and convenient as you are using bare space while not having it obstruct you since it will be placed out of your way.

Use a table, a cupboard, a lamp, a shelf, hooks to hang bags, jackets, scarves, or any object of your choice to fill up the useful corner!

Small Bedroom Decorating Idea #4: Mirrors

A second depth-enhancing trick is making use of mirrors. Strategically placing mirrors in and around your room will create an illusion of increased space due to their reflection of it. Additionally, setting up your mirror across from your window will generate more natural light during the day and an additional sense of natural space.

Small Bedroom Decorating Idea #5: Accessorise

Once you’ve set up your room’s main functional aspects, have fun! Go crazy accessorizing, adding big or small items to tie your whole space together. This step is where your creativity can shine, and you can truly individualize your bedroom. As we said, you don’t have to worry about compromising your taste, so go all out!

If you’re a movie buff, keep a television in front of your sleeper sofa so you can sink into the screen and mattress at the same time. However, consider opting for a projector if you cannot afford a television! Line up your bookshelves with your favourite novels, stick or hang up art, posters, or photographs on your walls, create an ambience with your choice of lighting.

Just make your room seem the most authentic and unique version of yourself. This way, you can rest assured that you will feel at home and secure.

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