11 Good Book Lovers Gift Basket Ideas

Gift baskets are always fun to receive, but they can also be great fun to prepare.

Are you thinking about giving a gift basket to a friend or a loved one who loves books? These book lovers’ gift basket ideas will help you get started. Take some notes, then shop for some items that are sure to be appreciated.

Here are eleven good book lovers gift basket ideas:

Idea #1: A book you know they want

Since you’re preparing a gift basket for a book lover, it makes sense to add at least one book to the basket. However, you must be careful not to choose a book the recipient already owns.

Pick a book you know they want to read, or at least a book you know they will love. Don’t just give them your favourite book hoping they will love it as much as you do.

When in doubt, a library gift card will do the trick.

Idea #2: A clever bookmark

Some book lovers collect bookmarks. Others will just grab any scrap of paper they can find and slide it inside their book.

Whether the book lover in your life owns many bookmarks or none, you can’t go wrong with this small addition to your gift baskets Canada. Find a clever, funny, or cute bookmark they will love.

Idea #3: Reading light

A reading light would also make a perfect addition to a book lover’s gift basket, especially if you can find one that has a cute or funny shape.

Some book lights can serve as bookmarks, which makes them even more convenient. Others can simply be clipped to a book whenever some additional light is necessary.

Idea #4: Literary tea

No matter what the recipient of your gift basket loves to read, you should be able to find some loose-leaf tea that will pair well with their favourite book.

Do they love The Lord of the Rings? Outlander? Anything by Victor Hugo, Agatha Christie or Jane Austen? You will be able to find a literary tea blend they will be excited to drink while getting cozy with a good book.

Idea #5: Book lover mug or wine glass

Some mugs or wine glasses are perfect for book lovers. They either feature some clever pun related to books or famous quotes that can easily be associated with an author or a book character.

This would be a great gift for any book lover who enjoys drinking tea, coffee, hot chocolate, or wine when they sit down to read.

Idea #6: Delicious snacks

You can’t prepare a great gift basket without adding at least a few snacks to it. You can simply choose some snacks your favourite book lover enjoys, or you can get a bit more creative.

Food and drinks are featured in so many books that you might just be able to find something delicious that will remind the gift basket recipient of their favourite author or literary universe.

Idea #7: Book scented candle

Book lovers usually love the smell of old books. But did you know you could buy scented candles that smell like old books or a bookstore?

Scented candles are also created to transport book lovers inside the world of their favourite novels. It might be difficult to choose just one!

Idea #8: Warm bookworm socks

Bookworms who love stretching their legs and putting their feet up while they read will love finding warm and comfortable socks in their gift basket.

You can find socks displaying a book quote or some message like “Shhh! I’m reading!” written in bold letters under the feet of the socks.

Idea #9: A clothing item with book quotes

Whether your favourite book lover loves Moby Dick, Harry Potter, or any book by Edgar Allan Poe or Virginia Woolf, you are sure to be able to find either a t-shirt, a scarf, or even a pair of shoes showing a quote they will instantly recognize.

And if you can’t find a clothing item with the book quote you have in mind, you can get one customized just for your book lover gift basket.

Idea #10: Literary phone case or wallet

The same goes for phone cases, wallets, tote bags, or any accessory you can think of. If there isn’t already one with the book quote or book-inspired artwork you want, you can get the item of your choice customized.

The recipient of your gift basket will be pleased to know you had one of their favourite book quotes printed on an item, creating a unique gift that no one else will have.

Idea #11: Stylish bookends

Finally, you could add some stylish bookends to your book lover gift basket. Bookends are convenient, but they can also be fun for readers to express their personalities.

No matter what the recipient loves to read, you can be sure there is a perfect pair of bookends waiting for them somewhere. It’s up to you to find it!

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