11 Dollar Store Decorating Ideas and Themes

There are many ways to decorate a dollar store. Some ideas include delightful hanging decorations, balloons, or DIY arts and crafts. The decorations don’t have to be very expensive. You can make very creative decorations using fairly cheap items with the right approach.

There are different aesthetics to your decorations, whether it’s luxury and minimalist or rustic and vintage. You can design your dollar so beautifully, matching all the colours and themes. The goal is to design attractive display shelving that will entice customers to buy the merchandise.

The dollar store has items and materials that can be reused, rededicated, and reformatted to fit the exact décor you want. Here are eleven dollar store decorating ideas to inspire your design:

Idea #1: Framed Art

The simpler DIY dollar decorating crafts buy small frames and fill them with trendy minimalist art. Some repaint the frames or cover them in coloured tapes or material glued on. You can print some off for the art, make your own, or buy a big white carton board and take a permanent marker and do something abstract or with words.

Idea #2: Luxury Materials

Dollar stores can have some fairly premium-looking materials glued together, coloured, shaded, or done up in various designs:

  • Mirrors
  • Glass
  • Wood
  • Metal

These materials can be easily dressed up to resemble something a lot more expensive. With a little inspiration from Instagram or Pinterest, you will find you can make a lot of dollar store finds look extraordinary with a few minor changes.

Idea #3: Cards on a String

A little bit of twine wrapped around thumbtacks on the wall can be used to make all sorts of interesting designs. You can choose to use the string independently and develop your dedicated wall art, ceiling art, or 3D forms. For a simple look, use a hole punch to make hanging holes in greeting cards and pull a string through to create an instant wall art classic.

Idea #4: Make-Your-Own Book Ends

Bookends need a bit of weight, but you can make them quite easily with a few wood blocks and a figurine of your choosing. At the dollar store, find your favourite figurine, and if you know how to cut a few pieces of wood, all you need from there is a little bit of wood glue, and you’re done.

Idea #5: Artificial Plants

The dollar store has lots of artificial greenery that can be cut, glued, and even painted to make your artificial plants, indoor gardens, garden wall art, and more. Add to that their pots and planters, and what you can do with those when it comes to painting and design work, and the possibilities are endless as to what charming plant look you might land on.

Idea #6: Tree Ornaments

There are many clean, creative ways to make ornaments from little dollar store items. If you know where to find a small dead tree from outside or even a few branches you can put in a planter, there are all sorts of ways to decorate it with ornaments and lights. It can make for absolutely beautiful décor, and the ornaments themselves can be switched out depending on the season.

Idea #7: Candle Arrangements

You can find a multitude of candles at the dollar store, as well as mason jars and all sorts of candle-safe glass that can be repurposed into your candle arrangements at home. For a romantic night at home, the gentle glow of candles can look so lovely, and it all comes down to where candles are in the room and how they are arranged so long as it’s safe. You can get them affordably from the dollar store with several other accessories you can make into candle holders.

Idea #8: Make-Your-Own Dessert Trays

A dessert tray is easy to make and customize with a few basic dollar store items and some superglue. Find some colourful plates. To stack them, input candlesticks in between with the superglue. This same approach can be adapted to make makeup and small accessories display shelving. You can also use other materials to create stacks for the kitchen, home office, bathroom, or bedroom.

Idea #9: Sew-Your-Own Quilt Or Blanket

You can find all sorts of interesting materials and clothing that can be refashioned and sewn together to make quilts curtains or to use as add-ons to pants, shirts, and other clothing. A quilt, in particular, thrown over a couch can be an instant conversation piece and add tons of personality into the room. If you are talented with a needle and a thread or are interested in developing that skill, sewing your blanket, quilt, or custom curtains is a great starter project.

Idea #10: Make-Your-Own Spice Jars

The dollar store has some great small jars. We’re saying ‘spice jars,’ but they can be used for anything. Even better, with tags and ribbons, they’re easy to dress up and title for the exact ingredient they’re storing. This makes them optimum for spices and putting them into a spice rack. For very little money, you’ve got the chance to craft a custom, one-of-a-kind spice rack unlike anything else.

Idea #11: Single-Color Tablecloth, Napkins, And More

Stuff from the dollar store can end up looking cheap and tacky when used clumsily. That’s no secret. Have a keen eye, though. There are some nice designs and single-colour napkins, tablecloths, and the like. It can be trendy for a special occasion or a themed dining room to take out single-colour tablecloths and balloons and dress the room up exclusively in one or two colours.

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