Small Office Cleaning Checklist for Beginners

Whether you use office cleaning services, have in-house office cleaners, or use a janitor to do the work, a small office is like any other workplace. It requires cleaning. Every day without fail. A small office cleaning checklist is extremely valuable. It ensures nothing is missed. A checklist also clarifies what is expected of a cleaner to be done daily, weekly, and monthly.

For a tidy, small office that you and your employees can return to every morning ready to tackle work free from messes from the day prior, here is what to put on your cleaning checklist.

1. Wipe Down Surfaces

All work areas, tables, and desks should be wiped down with sanitizer and a cloth, removing spills, stains, crumbs, and smudges from the top.

2. Disinfect Common Touchpoints

Touchpoints, including doorknobs, light switches, and handles, should be carefully disinfected and wiped down with a soaked cloth. Consult an office cleaning service to help with this task.

3. Clean the Entryway

The entryway may have glass that needs to be wiped, a door handle that needs to be disinfected, and decor that needs to be dusted. Ensure any clutter is handled and fingerprint smudges are carefully wiped away. The entryway should be restored to precisely how you want a guest or employee to see it.

4. Dust the Office

Dust your small office from the ceiling down to the floor. The walls, windows, furniture, and office equipment. We advocate working from the top downward because the dust will fall to the floor. If you work from down to up, you’re covering freshly dusted areas with more dust.

5. Disinfect and Wipe Workstations

Wipe down keyboards and computer screens with a microfiber cloth, removing smears and other debris. Disinfect workstations and telephones, wiping everything down with a clean cloth and leaving behind a tidy workspace for every worker.

6. Vacuum Carpet

Any carpet or rugs should be vacuumed daily to remove dirt, debris, and dust in their fibres.

7. Sweep Hard Floors

All hard floors should be carefully swept, and after everything’s been collected in a dustpan, it can be emptied into a trash bin.

8. Mop Hard Floors

After sweeping, mop hard floors with disinfectant cleaners, which will help remove any bacteria, smells, stains, and other debris that has not yet been removed.

9. Wipe Down Windows

Use a glass cleaner to ensure windows are carefully wiped down if you have any interior or exterior-facing windows.

10. Refill Restroom Supplies

Refill the toilet paper, hand soap, and paper towels in the restroom, ensuring more inventory is in the supply closet.

11. Clean And Disinfect The Restroom

Disinfect all toilets and urinals. Disinfect all handles and common touchpoints in the restroom. Clean the mirror and sink.

12. Mop Restroom Floors

Every day, the restroom floor should be mopped with soap and water or a disinfectant to completely remove any smells or stains.

13. Carefully Clean the Kitchen

Though not all small offices are equipped with a kitchen, those should have the kitchen counters, sinks, tables, and chairs wiped down daily. Any microwaves, coffee makers, and kitchen appliances should be cleaned daily. Sweep and mop the kitchen floor, removing any messes and spills.

14. Empty Trash Bins

The last step in our small office cleaning is to empty the garbage bins. Take out the liners and replace the bags. Ensure there is no residue or smell left behind. If the bin itself is dirty, spray and wipe it clean.

15. Do A Thorough Floor Clean Every Week

Move furniture once a week and clean everything. Move what you need to and either vacuum, sweep, or mop the areas of the floor that you aren’t normally touching daily because of the work involved.

16. Polish Hard Floors Weekly

Every week or two, do a deeper clean on your small office floor and polish it.

17. Deep-Clean Your Kitchen Weekly

At least once a week, do a full sanitize and wipe-down of the refrigerator. Remove any food that’s not been eaten and restore the fridge to a factory reset.

18. Dust And Disinfect Hard-To-Reach Areas Monthly

Many spots in a small office will only require cleaning once a month. Dust and disinfect vacuum vents. Wash office furniture covers if any exist. Dust and disinfect high windows, cabinets, ceiling fans, and more. Tasks like this can be left to be done every month.

19. Encourage Decluttering Monthly

Advise employees at a specific monthly point to declutter their work areas, including files, paperwork, and office supplies. This encourages a cleaner office all around and ensures nothing is accidentally thrown out by a cleaner during monthly decluttering.

20. Audit Your Cleaning Services Monthly

Audit your time, effort, and money invested in cleaning your small office once a month. Why most hire an office cleaning service because it is well worth the time and effort to do so, freeing you up to do other things for your office.

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