8 Tips to Improve Business Theft Prevention

If you own a business that sells products, you are at risk of being targeted by thieves. And while it’s impossible to eliminate the risk of falling victim to theft or burglary, there are different measures you can take to try to prevent these crimes.

Let’s face it when someone is stealing something from your business. Whether it’s merchandise, equipment, or documents, they are, in fact stealing money from you.

That being said, learning how to protect a business from theft is an investment you will never regret. Here are eight tips to improve business theft prevention:

1. Lock expensive items in your business

Does your store sells expensive items? Your merchandise might include jewelry, watches, video games, or something else with a high price tag/ Of sp. you should lock them up in cabinets behind clear windows.

When a customer wants to take a closer look at an item, an employee will unlock the cabinet for them. Stay with them until they return the item or decide to purchase it.

You could also equip expensive items with security tags. An alarm will sound if someone leaves your store with something they haven’t paid for. This simple system is an effective business theft prevention measure.

2. Install business security cameras

Installing security cameras will help protect your business from theft. If someone enters your business with bad intentions, they might think twice before stealing something when they notice your cameras.

Security cameras can protect your business during operating hours and night when no one is around. Keep in mind that simply installing cameras in strategic places is not enough. You also need to monitor the footage they capture or hire a company to monitor them for you. If you don’t, you might never know that a theft occurred.

3. Hire a security guard

If the safety of your business worries you, hiring a security guard will help you keep your peace of mind. Security guards are trained to handle different situations, from theft and vandalism to violent crimes. They have received their training from professional programs like Security Guard Training Ontario, making them very reliable.

They respond quickly when something happens, so you don’t have to wait for the police to show up. Security guards are particularly appreciated after work hours when your employees have left, and your business is quiet and vulnerable.

4. Ensure no blind spots in your store

If you want your security cameras to be effective and your employees to keep an eye on customers, your store needs to be well lit. A dimly lit area would make it much easier for shoplifters to act without anyone noticing.

You should also act to reduce blind spots, areas where someone could easily hide without being seen by employees standing at the cash register.

To eliminate those blind spots, improve the layout of your store, or install a few security mirrors.

5. Pay attention to the business exterior

The exterior of your building could also require some improvements. Walk around your premises and check if there are spots where a burglar might be able to hide.

Tall bushes could be a perfect hiding spot, and a dark entryway could also look inviting to someone with bad intentions. Make sure to trim your bushes and hedges and keep the exterior of your business well lit.

6. Improve customer service in your business

Simply improving your customer service could be enough to deter shoplifters. For example, make sure your employees greet every customer who enters your store and asks them if they need help finding what they want.

Interacting with a friendly employee should deter customers from trying to steal something. Plus, people are less likely to shoplift if they know the store’s employees pay attention to them.

This tip doesn’t cost anything, and it can help prevent theft.

7. Perform a background check on new employees

It’s important to also protect your business from internal theft. Unscrupulous employees might commit theft or fraud, so you should perform a thorough background check before hiring anyone.

You should also run background checks on any contractor you hire, especially if they handle sensitive documents. Remember that just because someone claims to be trustworthy doesn’t mean they are. A background check is the only way to make sure.

8. Consider getting your business insured

Even if you take many precautions, you can’t eliminate the risk of being targeted by thieves. To make sure you don’t end up losing a lot of money due to criminals, you could get your business insured.

For example, different insurance policies, such as commercial property insurance, will help protect your business and cover any loss you might incur.

As the saying goes, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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