5 Retail Sales Tips for Shopping Malls

We live in a world that is governed by retail commerce and non-stop supply and demand. Indeed, nearly everything that we want, is available to us either in store or via the internet. It is an age where the lines between want and need are very blurred.

If you are a sales professional that works within this environment, you understand firsthand how important certain products and services are to your customers. You are dedicated to your role and are passionate about your product. You want to ensure that you help people find what they are looking for. At the same time, you help customers stay within their budget.

In order to help you excel with retail sales, we compiled five retail sales tips that will help you excel.

1. Relate to the Customer

When you are speaking with the customer, it is important to find commonalities between both of you. Doing will allow you to put yourself in their shoes and to comprehend their buying decisions.

Do you both have young kids? Do you live in the same area? Are you both athletes? The more similarities that you can find, the easier it will be to help comprehend the reasons behind their purchasing decisions and their budgetary requirements.

For instance, if you have young children, you will undoubtedly understand that a customer with two toddlers in daycare will likely not splurge on the latest vehicle model.

Instead, they may explore pre-owned options with a more flexible payment structure. It is important to remember that the more you put yourself in the buyer’s shoes, the more you will sell!

2. Come in With a Positive Attitude

Your mindset can make or break a sale. If you come to work with the mentality of “I need to sell, I need to sell,” you will likely not sell well. However, if you come in with the mindset of “I want to help customers,” you will be able to achieve more sales.

This is due to the fact that if you are too keen on making sales, you will appear as pushy and disinterested in your customers’ concerns. However, if you are making a genuine effort to help customers, you will appear to be more trustworthy, knowledgeable and kind. This will go a long way in boosting your sales. At Burlington Shopping Mall, the stores are equipped with friendly employees who are eager to help. They set the standard for retail excellence!

3. Physical Appearance Counts

Although we often say that what is inside counts more than appearance, when it comes to sales, appearance is a very important factor in your customers’ willingness to make a purchase.

Before you utter a single word to your clients, your customers will take a good look at you. They will note your hygiene, clothes, facial expressions, demeanor, and the overall professionalism that you exude. Granted, their opinion of you may change once they speak with you, but customers will still form a rapid fire initial opinion of you before you even open your mouth.

As a result, it is important to keep up a professional demeanor. That’s not to say that you need to wear a three-piece suit everywhere you go. You must align your appearance with the environment you work in and with the product you are trying to sell. The bottom line is to ensure that you look presentable, because your customers will love you for it.

4. Don’t Judge Your Customers too Soon

Our brain is hardwired to make quick assumptions about people. For our ancestors, this worked wonders as it allowed them to keep away from dangerous situations where they were likely to get killed. In this day and age, the stakes are typically not so high. However, it is hard to turn off our brains as they stereotype a person or a situation.

As a salesperson, you must learn to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. Give everyone a chance. You can’t assume that certain customers are “not worth your time” by their appearance. Once you give people a chance and cut down on your assumptions, you will be surprised about what you learn about people. Prejudices and retail sales do not go hand-in-hand!

5. Show Your Personality

Don’t be afraid to show your true colors to your customers. They will appreciate getting a sense of your true self. The more genuine you are, the more they will connect with you and the more likely they are to make a purchase. In sales, “faking it until you make it” will not work to your benefit.

Whether you are selling clothing, cars, baby gear or food, the same five concepts apply across the board. The most important parts of making sales is to ensure that you have an understanding of your customer’s needs, and that you treat them with the utmost respect. One you do that, it’s all smooth sailing from there on!

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