This is the quilt I made for some friends who just had the cutest baby. I thoroughly enjoyed designing and making this one from start to finish. Baby quilts are such a satisfying sized project I think. circlequilt.jpg The idea for the design was based in part on my beautiful vintage quilt from my aunt (called a wagon wheel pattern, I believe), and in part on the eclipse quilt from the Modern Quilt Workshop. I wanted the patchwork look of the wagon wheel with the floating circles effect of the Eclipse quilt. So I drew it all out and measured some template pieces and fussed over the whole thing until it seemed to fit together. I thought the circle seams would be hard, but they weren't as bad as I thought. circlequilt21.jpg The spiral quilting was also inspired by my wagon wheel quilt. I never know what colour quilting thread to use, and this was a hard choice because the top was light and the backing was so dark, but I decided I liked the contrasting spirals showing through on the back. A little wonky in some places, but it just adds to the charm I figure! circlequilt1.jpg circlequilt3.jpg