I've been on a quest to construct the perfect wallet for a while. I'm on my third or fourth version I think. I use them for about 6 or 8 months and then when they start to wear out or get dingy I make a new one. This was my first attempt. It's a little wonky as you can see, but it was functional. A bit too large as well, one of my requirements is that it has to fit into a pocket without too much trouble. wallets wallets The other requirements are a good number of pockets for cards, a billfold (preferably with a divider), and a zippered spot for change. The zipper part really was not as hard as I thought. This is version two. To combat the bulky edges problem, I tried doing the edges with bias trim. It was tricky and also a little bit wonky as you can see, but did make flatter seams. I really liked the stripes on this one. wallets wallets And this is my new one. I made it a bit smaller, and turned the pockets to the side to try and avoid having all my cards spill out into my purse. We'll see if that works out or not. wallets wallets wallets I think my technique seems to be improving, so maybe after another few years I'll have this perfected.