February is a rough month. Seriously, I think it's my least favorite time of the whole year, particularly this year with the horrible weather we've been having. So everyone needs a little something sweet to get them through to March, right? And I'm not talking about chocolate sweets, although that can't hurt either. I'm talking about super cute sweet: feb08buttons.jpg I really have a thing for anthropomorphic animals lately, I just think they're really hilarious. Sometimes they are a bit creepy, like in victorian children's storybooks, but sometimes they are really cute like these guys. I am also extending the Gift Subscription promotion for this month for the Button of the Month Club - just enter buttonclub as the coupon code when you check out and you'll get 50% off the second button club subscription you purchase, either 6 month or 3 month. Just put the address where you want the subscriptions sent in the comments box.