crepes We were out for brunch awhile ago and I saw crepes on the menu. Yum, crepes, I thought. And then I ordered fritatta. But I kept thinking about those crepes, so I decided we should make some for dinner. crepes The hardest part was getting the hang of spreading the crepe batter in the pan. The secret seemed to be lifting the pan off the heat while you pour a small amount into the pan, then rotate it until the batter has filled the whole bottom thinly. We had a few tasters before we got it down, but then it was easy, and kind of fun! crepes The filling was a tasty combo of leeks, portabellos, and asparagus with a little garlic and balsamic vinegar, topped with feta. I think most dinner crepes usually have some kind of sauce, like a bechamel sauce or something, but these were nice and light, I don't usually like a heavy cream sauce. crepes Ian tried the roll-up method, I did a quarter fold. They both tasted good! crepes