okay, since there seemed to be interest in my list of fun crafty places to visit in vancouver, I thought I should expand the list with more good places to visit... Reader suggestions: reddog on Main Lissette, 2308 W Broadway Miss coquette, 4372 W 10th block, 350 W cordova dream, 311 W cordova casa gelato, 1033 Venables Country Beads, 2015 W 4th Ave Also, Preloved has just expanded it's empire of cool by opening a Vancouver store, located at 1015 Granville St. And news flash! Sophia books (at 450 w Hastings) has a whole bookshelf of Japanese craft books! Everything from beading, to knitting to sewing. My favorite thrift stores; SPCA Thrift shop, 3626 W Broadway (at Alma) Salvation Army, 2714 W Broadway, 1904 W4th, and 8384 South Granville - all in upscale neighborhoods, so lots of nice things Salvation Army 261 E 12th Ave off Main - huge, with lots of furniture and a basement full of books and household items Value Village on Hastings near Victoria Some of my favorite food places in vancouver: the Clubhouse - great Japanese food with quirky ambiance the Naam - vegetarian institution in Vancouver Deluxe Moderne Burger - great burger, fries and shakes Yogi's - indian vegetarian Addis - ethiopian the hatch - great brunch foundation - vegetarian/vegan monsoon - asian "fusion" slickety jims - awesome brunch hawker's delight - amazing malaysian food, everything under $5 thai away home - great thai take out Bo Kong - buddist vegetarian delicious. also has a vegetarian dim sum lunch Shao Lin Noodle house - handmade noodles, tasty Steamworks Steamrollers, that's what I meant! - yummy burritos Dragon Ball - best bubble tea, period. bubble tea bubble tea