Okay, so a few people asked me how I do image transfers, so I thought I would show everyone. There are lots of different ways to do this, I think there are several threads on craftster about different techniques, but this is just how I do it. What you will need: A photocopy or laser printer printout of your image, a piece of fabric, a spoon, and a transparent blender pen. This is the type of pen I use, although I think there may be other brands. I got mine at an art supply store, if you ask for a blender pen they should know what you are talking about. Put your image face down on top of the fabric. The right side of the paper and the right side of the fabric should be touching. Then, go over the entire area of the image with your pen. It should make the page wet and you will be able to see the image through the paper. Its good to have something like a table cloth or another piece of paper underneath your fabric because it can go through onto the surface below. As soon as you cover the area of the image, press firmly with a spoon on the image. The harder you press, the better of a transfer you will get. I sometimes use the edge of the spoon for more pressure. Be careful not to move the fabric or the paper or your image will blur. And voila, your image should transfer nicely. I usually go over it with an iron to heat set it, although I have no proof that this is necessary, but it makes me feel better. You can also use this to transfer images onto all kinds of surfaces, like plant pots, book covers, etc, although some surfaces will take the transfer better than others. As well, plain cotton fabrics take the image better than textured or synthetic fabrics, I have found.