Fashioning Technology There was something about drawing those circuitry diagrams in my high school physics class that I found strangely satisfying. That must be why I find this new book, Fashioning Technologies, so appealing. It is, of course, a book from the brilliant minds at Craft zine, and it merges electronics and ‘smart’ technologies with traditional craft forms and textiles. The introduction provides an overview of all the technologies and components used in the projects, with helpful pictures so you know what you’re looking for at the store, the tools you’ll need, and a technical primer that goes over all the basics of what you’ll need to know. Doing electronics work might be intimidating to some crafters, but it’s really all laid out with such detail and helpful instructions and diagrams that I don't think you could go wrong. My absolute favorite project is the photochromatic blinds (with prints that change into colour during the day and fade at night). You can also make portable speakers for your ipod, electronic puppets, or an led bracelet, plus a bunch of other neat stuff.