6 No Experience Jobs for Students and Adults

We all have to start working with no experience. Once you finish school, the long, and sometimes arduous, process of finding work begins. However, if most jobs require experience, where do you start?

The current job market is challenging in all areas. This can definitely be the cause for stress, but it shouldn’t be the cause for a never-ending headache. Plenty of no experience jobs exist because of the advancements of our resources and technology. Whatever interests you, do your due diligence and you could discover multiple streams of income that you never knew existed prior.

Thankfully, the advancement of our technological resources has made finding work easier. For those eager to begin earning money, there exists many positions that require no experience to get you started. Whether you’re freshly graduated, looking for employment in a particular field, or just want to earn more income, here are the six best no experience jobs for students and adults to apply to:


1. Online Proofreader Jobs

Proofreading is one of the most comfortable no experience jobs out there. Being involved in an industry requiring a strong command of grammar and spelling means that you are probably already adept at language. If you are a budding journalist or writer, there are plenty of ways you can start earning money. Becoming an online proofreader is one of them.

These types of no experience jobs have the potential to be very rewarding in terms of earned income. Even if you don’t have the academic background, you can still earn a good amount of money with no experience required. All that is expected of you is to have an excellent eye for catching mistakes or typos in documents.

You don’t have to worry about the editing or semantics of the piece either. Simply be on the lookout for mistakes, small and large, and you will be earning a potentially great revenue as a result.

2. Web Developer Jobs

It might seem like an odd choice, but you actually don’t require relevant experience or an academic background for this position. Thanks to the Internet, there is a vast array of resources available at your disposal. Use these at your leisure to first teach yourself the basics and apply away afterwards.

As an extra incentive, the roles of web developer can vary depending on what you are most interested in. All you have to do is research which one you’d like to become. From being a front-end developer to a UX designer, the possibilities are endless. Most of the non-formal courses are available for a small charge, but the amount of income to be earned can reach as high as six figures if you dedicate yourself enough to your craft!

3. Real Estate Broker Jobs

As is the case with being a web developer, you actually don’t require experience to become a real estate broker. What you will need is time and a license. It will take a couple of years to truly see sizeable returns from being a real estate broker, but it can be a truly rewarding process.

First, get your agent license in order to get yourself into a firm. After you get employed, you can then proceed to take another course which will turn you into a fully qualified real estate broker.

4. HR Assistant Jobs

Organizations and businesses of all sizes will need some sort of human resources department to handle inquiries. Oftentimes, this requires a lot of administrative work and duties to fulfill.

If you are looking to get your foot in the door in this capacity, you have a great shot at landing a job if you have no experience. Most departments will be looking to hire anyone who has a solid grasp of computer skills and organization.

Some assistant roles even offer benefits along with their starting salary. Do some research if interested and you may find that rewarding work lies ahead in this field!

5. Customer Service Representative Jobs

If you’re looking to build some solid experience for getting into the marketing field down the line, you can start with this role. Becoming a customer service representative showcases your sociability and communication skills. Most of these jobs don’t require any prior relevant or professional experience.

Other than basic training depending on which company you apply to, you are all but set to making a decent entry-level income. As a bonus, a lot of the soft and hard skills you will develop are transferrable for virtually any career. As a result, many should opt to go this route first in order to get a legitimate taste at the working, professional world.

6. Rideshare Driver Jobs

Sometimes, you aren’t looking that far ahead in terms of breaking into a field you’re interested in. Earning a decent side income is all that matters for the short-term. The sharing economy has transformed the way we conduct business, and also in providing jobs to virtually anyone.

Becoming an Uber or Lyft driver, for example, can be the basis for a large amount of earned revenue. This is before even taking into consideration tips made from your passengers. All you need is your own, applicable vehicle and you’re well on your way to making some great money on your own time!

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